Import & Export

ZAG Impex is engaged in Export of different commodities in Human Food and Animal Fodder. We are actively exporting large quantities of following commodities

  1. Rice
  2. Maize for Human and Animal consumption
  3. Rhodes Grass
  4. Alfalfa Hay
  5. Wheat Straw

We are exporting bulk quantity of Rhodes and Alfalfa Hay World-Wide however our major market is Middle-East Countries and Far Eastern Countries.

We are also dealing in Import of various commodities and different sectors however presently we are only focusing on Import of Dairy Bovine Semen for development of Dairy sector in Pakistan.


ZAG Impex operates and manages a large field of Fertile Agriculture Land in Punjab and Sindh Province in Pakistan for Human Food and Animal Fodder. These Lands has been selected on intense parameters to obtain keeping in mind the climate required by each crop in-order to get the maximum possible yield and Premium quality of crops. All our Lands are rich with natural resources of Fertilizer and best canal Irrigation system. In-case of any shortage of water through Canal system each block of farm is equipped with high capacity turbine pumps.
As a commercial farmer our focus is always on to achieve best results with least possible expenses. We at ZAG Impex, always conscious on key elements which play a vital role in agriculture:

  • Use of Modern machinery for Land making, Cultivation & Harvesting
  • Selection of best quality of Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides to achieve high end results
  • Time management by using all available resources to sow and harvest the right crop at right time to get their maximum yield
  • Weather monitoring by using latest weather stations

Besides our own farming we has established a strong relationship with neighboring farmers and large land holders to grow and harvest various high demand crops on long term agriculture contracts for us at handsome prices.

Farm Management

To make any business successful and profitable “Management” is the key component. If your management is good your business will flourish otherwise it could be lead to you in darkness. Animal Husbandry is the key element of Dairy and Farm Management.

ZAG Impex is addressing to some major components of Animal Husbandry which are as follows:

  1. Consistent quality Animal Fodder
  2. Pedigree Bovine Semen
  3. Health & Nutrition Supplements
  4. AI Equipment

We are farming a huge land in Sindh & Punjab Province with Animal Fodder to provide consistent quality to our valued clients. We are not only exporting these animal fodders but also supplying to local farmers on grass root level for their betterment.

We are also providing Pedigree Sexed and Conventional Bovine Dairy Semen for quality reproduction. Our focus in reproduction is not only large dairies but small farmers whom completely dependent on their milk producing animals. In this connection  is supporting us and we are representing them as their sole distributors in Pakistan. Their aim is to get produce quality dairy animals with unmatched milk production.

ZAG IMPEX INTERNATIONAL have taken another step ahead towards Genetic Improvement of Dairy Animals in Pakistan.

We are glad to announce that now we are also representing as their Sole Distributors in Pakistan to promote their breed Montbeliarde.

For more detail about and please visit their home page &